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Reporting Server

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
activemqtlsKeyStore activemq.tlsKeyStore keystore.ks at start/restart
activemqtlsKeyStore password at start/restart
activemqtlsTrustStore activemq.tlsTrustStore client.ks at start/restart
activemqtlsTrustStore password at start/restart
agentx connection_delay_sec 60 at start/restart
agentx max_connection_attempt -1 at start/restart
cdr call-timeout 180 at start/restart
cdr db-maintenance-batch-size 5 at start/restart
cdr max-page-count 10 at start/restart
cdr max-page-size 100 at start/restart
cdr media-service-cdrs.reduce true at start/restart
cdr or-call-counting.enable true at start/restart
dbmp rs.db.retention.cdr.default 30 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.events.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.latencies.daily.default 90 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.latencies.hourly.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.latencies.monthly.default 1095 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.latencies.weekly.default 364 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.30min.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.5min.default 1 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.daily.default 90 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.hourly.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.monthly.default 1095 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.operations.weekly.default 364 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.sq.daily.default 90 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.sq.failures.default 365 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.sq.hourly.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.sq.monthly.default 365 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.sq.weekly.default 180 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.30min.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.5min.default 1 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.daily.default 90 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.hourly.default 7 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.monthly.default 1095 immediately
dbmp rs.db.retention.var.weekly.default 364 immediately
https https.certificate.algorithm SunX509 at start/restart
https https.client.authentication none at start/restart
https https.connector.type 2 at start/restart
https https.keystore.path ${user.home}/.keystore at start/restart
https https.keystore.type JKS at start/restart
https https.protocol TLS at start/restart
https https.random.algorithm at start/restart
https https.security.provider at start/restart
https password at start/restart
https_key password at start/restart
imdb imdb-max-cdr-queries 3 at start/restart
imdb imdb-query-lock-timeout 1000 at start/restart
kafka password at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.ackConfig 1 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.batchSize 0 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.bootstrap.servers at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.enabled false at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.idempotenceConfig false at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.lingerMs 0 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.maxInFlightRequestPerConnection 100 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.maxRequestSize 5048576 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.reconnectBackoff 50 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.reconnectBackoffMax 1000 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.retries 10 at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.saslMechanism PLAIN at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.securityProtocol SASL_SSL at start/restart
kafka rs.kafka.user at start/restart
latency threshold.asr_input_response 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.audio_fetch 1000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.call_answer 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.call_reject 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.cumulative_response 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.data_fetch 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.dtmf_input_response 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.grammar_fetch 1000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.inbound_first_prompt 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.initial_response 4000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.interprompt 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.java_script_execution 50|99 at start/restart
latency threshold.java_script_fetch 1000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_asr_session_establish 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_asr_set_params 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_asr_stop 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_define_grammar 500|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_recognize 500|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_speak 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_tts_session_establish 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_tts_set_params 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.mrcp_tts_stop 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.noinput_response 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.outbound_first_prompt 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.page_compile 100|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.page_fetch 1500|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.recording_response 2000|95 at start/restart
latency threshold.transfer_response 2000|95 at start/restart
log all immediately
log debug logs/rs.log immediately
log expire false immediately
log interaction immediately
log message_format full immediately
log segment 10MB immediately
log standard stdout immediately
log time_format time immediately
log trace immediately
log verbose trace immediately
messaging activemq.connectionMode 0 at start/restart
messaging activemq.dataDirectory data/activemq at start/restart
messaging activemq.diskStoreUsageLimit 256 gb at start/restart
messaging activemq.needClientAuth false at start/restart
messaging activemq.serverIP At start/restart
messaging activemq.tlsKeyStore keystore.ks at start/restart
messaging activemq.tlsPort 61617 at start/restart
messaging activemq.tlsServerIP At start/restart
messaging activemq.tlsTrusStorePassword at start/restart
messaging activemq.tlsTrustStore client.ks at start/restart
messaging activemq.useJmx false at start/restart
messaging password at start/restart
messaging port 61616 at start/restart
messaging tlsKeyStorePassword at start/restart
persistence hibernate.remote.database at start/restart
persistence hibernate.remote.dialect at start/restart
persistence hibernate.remote.driver at start/restart
persistence hibernate.remote.url at start/restart
persistence hibernate.remote.user at start/restart
persistence password at start/restart
persistence rs.ccid.enable true at start/restart
persistence rs.histonly.enabled false at start/restart
persistence rs.nodb.enabled false at start/restart
persistence rs.remove.pii.data false at start/restart
persistence rs.storage.metricsfilter * at start/restart
persistence store.in.utf8.format false at start/restart
reporting binding.address at start/restart
reporting db.query.timeout.max 60 immediately
reporting hostname at start/restart
reporting password at start/restart
reporting port 8080 at start/restart
reporting protocol http at start/restart
reporting response.header X-Frame-Options: DENY|X-XSS-Protection: 1|X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff at start/restart
reporting response.header.landingpage X-Frame-Options: DENY|X-XSS-Protection: 1|X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff at start/restart
reporting retrieveMultipleObjectsTimeoutValue 180000 at start/restart
reporting rs.exposerestapis true at start/restart
reporting rs.query.limit.30min 336 immediately
reporting rs.query.limit.5min 288 immediately
reporting rs.query.limit.day 92 immediately
reporting rs.query.limit.hour 168 immediately
reporting rs.query.limit.month 36 immediately
reporting rs.query.limit.week 53 immediately
reporting rs.summarization.buffer 60 at start/restart
reporting usehostname-in-ruri false at start/restart
reporting username at start/restart
schedule quartz.rs.calltimeout 0 50 * * * ? at start/restart
schedule quartz.rs.dbMaintenancePeriod 0 30 1 * * ? at start/restart
schedule quartz.rs.dbPartitioningPeriod 0 0 0/1 * * ? at start/restart
schedule quartz.rs.or.counting 0 40 * * * ? at start/restart
schedule quartz.var.summarization 300000 at start/restart
snmp bulk.size 50
snmp polling.interval 60
snmp timeout 30000 immediately
sqa error.notification.threshold 95 immediately
sqa monitor.min.alert.number 100 immediately
sqa monitor.min.latency.warn.number 100 immediately
sqa service.quality.period 900 At start/restart
sqa stat.update.interval 900 At start/restart
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