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CTI Connector

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
CTIC copy-originatingleg-headers X-Genesys-GVP-Session-Data After restart
CTIC CTIFramework IVRServerClient After restart
CTIC DefaultDNIS After restart
CTIC disable_cdr false After restart
CTIC fips_enabled False After restart
CTIC GetDNISFromIServer false After restart
CTIC IVRPortBaseIndex -1 After restart
CTIC MaxIVRPorts 2000 After restart
ems logconfig.MFSINK
  • |*|*
ems logconfig.TRAPSINK
  • |*|*
  • At start/restart
    ems trace_flag FALSE immediately
    ICMC CancelResponseTimeoutMSec 2500 After restart
    ICMC ConnectMsgTimeoutMSec 3500 After restart
    ICMC DNISIndicator After restart
    ICMC eccSessionIdVarName userSessionId At start/restart
    ICMC eccvariablelist userSessionId:5000 At start/restart
    ICMC enablePreRouting false After restart
    ICMC ICMInterface 0 After restart
    ICMC ICMUnavailableAction hangup At start/restart
    ICMC NewCallTimeoutMsec 1500 After restart
    ICMC RunScriptResultTimeoutMsec 2500 After restart
    ICMC SessionIdleTimeoutMSec 120000 After restart
    ICMC TransferOnDialogFailure false At start/restart
    ICMC translation-routed-call false After restart
    ICMC TrunkGroupID 0 After restart
    IServer_Sample cafile After restart
    IServer_Sample certificate After restart
    IServer_Sample clientname After restart
    IServer_Sample enablekeepalivereq 0 After restart
    IServer_Sample iserveraddr After restart
    IServer_Sample iserversocket After restart
    IServer_Sample IVRSCClientPortRange After restart
    IServer_Sample keepalivereqinterval 5 After restart
    IServer_Sample keepaliveresptimeout 3 After restart
    IServer_Sample key After restart
    IServer_Sample noofkeepalivereqtosendinfailurecase 3 After restart
    IServer_Sample password After restart
    IServer_Sample secured false After restart
    IServer_Sample type After restart
    IServer_Sample verifydepth 1 After restart
    IServer_Sample verifypeer false After restart
    IVRSC customeriserverslist IServer_Sample; After restart
    IVRSC fetchscriptidfromurs 0 After restart
    IVRSC scriptidkeyname After restart
    log all ../logs/CTIConnector immediately
    log check-point 1 immediately
    log compatible-output-priority false immediately
    log debug ../logs/CTIConnector immediately
    log expire 20 immediately
    log interaction ../logs/CTIConnector immediately
    log keep-startup-file false After restart
    log memory immediately
    log messagefile Immediately, if an application cannot find its *.lms file at startup
    log message_format short immediately
    log print-attributes false immediately
    log segment 10000 immediately
    log spool immediately
    log standard ../logs/CTIConnector immediately
    log time_convert local immediately
    log time_format time immediately
    log trace ../logs/CTIConnector immediately
    log verbose standard immediately
    mediacontroller codec_check_exclusion.payloads 13 immediately
    mediacontroller sdp.defaultipversion true immediately
    mediacontroller sdp.localhost $LocalIP$ immediately
    mediacontroller sdp.localhost.ipv6 $LocalIPv6$ immediately
    mediacontroller suppress_bye_after_refer false immediately
    sip localuser CTIConnector At start/restart
    sip mtusize 1500 After restart
    sip tcp.portrange At start/restart
    sip tls.portrange At start/restart
    sip transport.0 transport0 udp:any:5080 At start/restart
    sip transport.1 transport1 tcp:any:5080 At start/restart
    sip transport.2 transport2 tls:any:5081 cert=$InstallationRoot$/config/x509_certificate.pem key=$InstallationRoot$/config/x509_private_key.pem At start/restart
    sip transport.localaddress At start/restart
    sip transport.localaddress.srv false At start/restart
    sip transport.localaddress_ipv6 At start/restart
    sip transport.routefailovertime 5 At start/restart
    sip transport.routerecoverytime 30 At start/restart
    sip transport.staticroutelist At start/restart
    sip transport.unavailablewakeup true At start/restart
    Tenant1 Ports 9000 After restart
    Tenant1 TenantName After restart
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