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Core GVP Components

The following components are considered as the core components of Genesys Voice Platform since they play a vital role in servicing a call:

The Resource Manager (RM) controls the access and routing to all resources in a GVP 8.5 deployment. The Resource Manager is the first element to process requests for services, and it interacts with the Configuration Server to determine the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Profile to be associated with the session. The RM manages resources that can deliver services including Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) or Call Control Extensible Markup Language (CCXML) execution, and provide media services including Announcements, Conferencing and Recording. The RM pushes the profile to a component that can deliver the service, such as the Media Control Platform or Call Control Platform, or CTI Connector.
For more information about the Resource Manager application, see Resource Manager in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the Resource Manager configuration options, see Resource Manager Options in this document.
The Media Control Platform (MCP) is the core component of GVP, and it executes the actual voice applications in the solution. In addition, it is used by other communication layer components, such as SIP Server, to provide media services in support of broader customer service scenarios, such as agent interactions, queuing and many other functions.
For more information about the MCP, see Media Control Platform in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the MCP configuration options, see Media Control Platform Options in this document.
The Reporting Server (RS) component of GVP provides a comprehensive view of the calls serviced by a GVP deployment. The Reporting Server receives data from the Media Control Platform for VoiceXML applications, from the Call Control Platform for CCXML applications, and from other components involved in servicing a call, such as the Resource Manager.
For more information about the RS, see Reporting Server in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the RS configuration options, see Reporting Server Options in this document.
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