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ems Section



Default Value:

  • |*|*

Valid Values: Pipe delimited ranges for log levels, module IDs and specifier IDs. Ranges can be comma separated integers or range of integers or '*'.
Changes Take Effect: immediately

Controls the log messages that are sent to the MF sink. The format is 'levels|moduleIDs|specifierIDs' (repeated if necessary). The values between the pipes can be in the format: 'm-n,o,p' (ie "0-4, 5,6"). The wildcard character '*' can also be used to indicate all valid numbers. Example: '*|*|*' indicates that all log messages should be sent to the sink. Alternatively, '0,1|0-10|*|4|*|*' indicates that CRITICAL(0) and ERROR(1) level messages with module IDs in the range 0-10 will be sent to the sink; and all INFO(4) level messages will be sent as well.


Default Value:

  • |*|*

Valid Values:
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Specifies the metrics that are delivered to the SNMP Trap Sink.

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