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ems Section



Default Value:

  • |*|*

Valid Values: Pipe delimited ranges for log levels, module IDs and specifier IDs. Ranges can be comma separated integers or range of integers or '*'.
Changes Take Effect: immediately

Controls the log messages that are sent to the MF sink. The format is 'levels|moduleIDs|specifierIDs' (repeated if necessary). The values between the pipes can be in the format: 'm-n,o,p' (ie "0-4, 5,6"). The wildcard character '*' can also be used to indicate all valid numbers. Example: '*|*|*' indicates that all log messages should be sent to the sink. Alternatively, '0,1|0-10|*|4|*|*' indicates that CRITICAL(0) and ERROR(1) level messages with module IDs in the range 0-10 will be sent to the sink; and all INFO(4) level messages will be sent as well.


Default Value:

  • |*|*

Valid Values:
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Specifies the metrics that are delivered to the SNMP Trap Sink.


Default Value: FALSE
Valid Values: FALSE, TRUE
Changes Take Effect: immediately

Flag specifying whether debug level logging is enabled. When enabled (flag is set to TRUE), debug level logs will be processed and filtered like other log levels. When the flag is set to FALSE, debug level log messages will never be processed.

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