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Policy Server

The Policy Server component validates and resolves GVP-specific business rules (the policies that are enforced by the Resource Manager) and provides this information to Genesys Administrator in response to HTTP queries. It is a stand-alone Java process that exposes an HTTP interface through which it connects to Management Framework. The read permissions that are granted when a user logs into Genesys Administrator determine which Management Framework objects are accessible.

Secure Architecture

Within the GVP system architecture, the Policy Server resides behind Genesys Administrator and reads data from Management Framework. Genesys Administrator is considered to be in a lower security zone, because it can be deployed on a WAN or opened up to the Internet. If Genesys Administrator is compromised, the attacker would have access equal to the logged-in user only. In this way, access to a platform-wide view of a the GVP environment can be secured and managed.

Policy Server is designed as a separate component rather than a module within Genesys Administrator, so that it can be placed in a higher security zone, as in the figure below.

Policy Server Architecture

Policy Server runs as a system service and has permission to view all objects in the deployment. The current release of Policy Server is used by Genesys Administrator only, however, it has been designed for use by other components, user interfaces, or third-party tools in the future.

Policy Server Functions

Policy Server performs the following functions:

  • Resolves Resource Manager policies within the multi-tenant hierarchy and IVR Profiles.
  • Manages DID ranges (newly created and existing) within the deployment by checking for overlaps.
  • Provides a service that returns a Web Application Description Language (WADL) document that describes all of the Policy Server services, including information about the server instance.

For more information about how Policy Server performs its functions, see How the Policy Server Works.

Policy Server Interfaces

Policy Server interacts with components within the architecture by using two interfaces an HTTP interface to receive incoming policy queries and an interface with Management Framework to retrieve configuration and provisioning information.

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