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Sizing Genesys Voice Platform 9.0

This version of the Sizing Guide applies to Genesys Voice Platform that is part of 9.0, starting with version 8.5. For version 8.1 of Genesys Voice Platform, see the Genesys Voice Platform home page.

How you can use this document

Read this chapter of the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide to:

  • Learn the recommended hardware and software needed to support Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.5.
  • Learn terminology, and about capacity, performance criteria, machine setup, application profile makeup, and typical call volumes.
  • Review extensive performance data from testing numerous hardware and software configurations, to determine what will work best for your Genesys installation.

Intended Audience

Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Product and Program Management, Quality Assurance, Technical Publications, Production, Genesys Partners, and Genesys customers.


Hardware and Software Tested Traffic and Capacity Testing
...extensive test data
Performance Planning and Scalability
...graphs and interpretive tools
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