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Component Capacity Test Case Tables

Capacity test case results for the GVP components appear in the following tables:

For additional sizing information for Genesys Media Server with SIP Server, see the chapter “Genesys Administrator” in the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide. The capacity testing results for the Media Control Platform are described in the next three topics. Tests were performed using a single instance of the Media Control Platform on Windows and Linux systems with 2x Core 2 Quad, Xeon x5355, 2.66 GHz CPUs.

Media Services Only: If your deployment is limited to Media Services, then see critical information for sizing the MCP in Media Control Platform Capacity Testing and the section “Genesys Media Server Sizing with SIP Server” in the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide.

Media Services plus VoiceXML Applications: If you have both types of services on the same GVP system, then the actual performance will be a roughly proportional combination of media service performance and VoiceXML performance. As this is difficult to determine, Genesys recommends that you default to the media performance metrics if transcoding is prevalent or media services are significant.

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