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MRCP Proxy

The MRCP Proxy can be placed between the Media Control Platforms and the MRCPv1 resources within a GVP deployment. Deploying the MRCP Proxy enables ASR/TTS usage reporting data to be sent to the Reporting Server.

MRCP Proxy Functions

MRCP Proxy manages access and routing to the MRCPv1 resources and performs the following additional functions:

  • Manages MRCPv1 resources in the following ways:
    • Routes requests to the supported resources.
    • Provides round-robin load balancing between resources.
    • Monitors the health status of resources.
  • Sends ASR and TTS peak usage data to the Reporting Server.
  • Provides highly available MRCPv1 services to the Media Control Platform through a warm active standby High Availability (HA) configuration.

MRCP Proxy Interfaces

MRCP Proxy supports three component interfaces:

  • MRCP interface To manage speech resource requests. MRCPv1 Requests from clients (Media Control Platform) and requests sent to speech servers (ASR/TTS)are supported through MRCPv1.
  • Management Framework interface To integrate with CCIlib and the EMS Logger library to receive configuration information, send logging data, and send and receive status information.
  • Operational Reporting interface To integrate with the Operational Reporting API to send peak ASR and TTS usage data for IVR Profiles, tenants, other resources, and the overall deployment to Reporting Server.

In addition, MRCP Proxy supports a User Interface (UI) to integrate with the Genesys Administrator web-based UI.

For more information about how the MRCP Proxy performs its functions, see How the MRCP Proxy Works.

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