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Installing GVP

Task Summary: Preparing Your Environment for GVP
Objective Related Procedures and Actions
Plan the Deployment For specific restrictions and recommendations to consider, see Preparing the Hosts for GVP.
Install Common Genesys Framework Components    1. [+] Install Management Framework
   2. [+] Install Genesys Administrator
   3. [+] Install Net-SNMP
Install third party software
  1. If you are using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and/or text-to-speech (TTS), install the third-party Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) speech server and ensure that it is operational.
    For more information about this software, see your MRCP vendor's documentation. For information about prerequisite software, see Prerequisites.
Prepare the Host(s)
  1. Stop antivirus software that might be running on systems that will host GVP components.
    Check the vendor documentation for your antivirus software configuration.
  2. Install the Local Control Agent on the GVP host(s).
    See Procedure: Installing the Local Control Agent (Windows) or Procedure: Installing the Local Control Agent (Linux).
Complete the prerequisites    7. [+] Install the Squid caching proxy (optional)
   8. [+] Install the Apache Web Server.
   9. [+] Install Red Hat Package Manager.
 10. [+] Install Dialogic (only if you are adding the PSTN Connector to your environment)

 11. Restart the server.

For more information about installing and configuring Dialogic hardware and software, visit the vendor's website.

Task Summary: Deploying GVP with Genesys Administrator
Objective Related Procedures and Actions
Configure the host(s)
  1. Configure a new host in the Configuration Database for each computer that is hosting GVP components.
    See Procedure: Configuring a Host in Genesys Administrator.
Install GVP
  1. Import the Installation Packages into the Genesys Administrator Repository.
    See Procedure: Importing the Installation Packages into the Repository.
  2. Use the Genesys Deployment Wizard to install the GVP components with basic configuration.
    See Procedure: Using the Deployment Wizard to Install GVP
If the components are deployed on the same server (all-in-one deployment), be aware of port conflicts. To avoid port conflicts use the Genesys Deployment Wizard for all-in-one deployments.
Start the components
  1. Configure the GVP components to start automatically.
    See Startup Sequence for the VPS and Starting and Stopping the Components.
Complete the post-installation activities
  1. Configure the GVP components for the functionality that you want use in your deployment.
    See Task Summary: Post-Installation Configuration of GVP.
    Before you begin to plan and configure your GVP resources, there is important information you should know about tenant permissions and assigning DID Groups in multi-tenant environments. See HMT Permissions and Access Rights.
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