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Section: settings
Default Value:
Valid Values: List of queue names separated by comma
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies a list of queues for completed interactions. When an interaction is placed into one of these queues, the CompletedAt timestamp is set.

Configuring iWD for Multiple Business Processes

iWD supports multiple business processes (or, more generally, interaction workflows) in one tenant. For example, it is possible to create separate business processes for different media types. As a result, business processes may be simpler and easier to maintain. Independently created business processes define their own sets of interaction queues. iWD allows you to configure custom queues for each iWD solution. Each independent business process requires a separate iWD solution.

Interaction Queues

iWD recognizes seven interaction queues. By default they are created by the standard iWD business process (IWDBP) and have the following names in the IWD Business Process for IRD:

  • iWD_New
  • iWD_Captured
  • iWD_Queued
  • iWD_Completed
  • iWD_Rejected
  • iWD_Canceled
  • iWD_ErrorHeld

In the iWDBP for Composer they have the following names:

  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Canceled
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Captured
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_ErrorHeld
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Queued
  • iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Rejected

If there is more than one business process, customized queues must be configured for each solution in the iWD GAX Plug-in. The set of allowed queues is taken from all defined business processes. The names of the chosen queues will then be used by both iWD Manager and iWD Data Mart instead of the default ones.

Adding Custom Queue Names to Interaction Server

You must also ensure that the names of all customized queues for completed tasks are added to the list of queue names in Interaction Server in the completed-queues


Pre-defined filters on the Global Task List have explicit queue names in their conditions. When custom queues are defined, it is necessary to update filters' criteria with generic queue names instead of explicit ones. For example, the filter criterion Queue is iWD_Completed or Queue is iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed should be changed to Queue is Completed. After such a change the filter will work correctly in all solutions with defined custom queues for completed tasks.

The following filter criteria support generic queue names:

  • Queue is '{queue}',
  • Queue is not '{queue}'.

When you choose one of these criteria in the Filters page of iWD Manager, a drop-down list appears in place of '{queue}'. There are seven generic queue names available on the list:

  • Canceled
  • Captured
  • Completed
  • ErrorHeld
  • New
  • Queued
  • Rejected

Integrated Capture Points

Integrated Capture Points' options must be set accordingly so that they can put new or modified interactions in the correct interaction queues. When an integrated Capture Point is connected with an iWD solution, its options are automatically synchronized with the solution. The following options are updated in Capture Points to work with a customized iWD business process:

JMS Capture Point and File Capture Point

  • inbound-transformer-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • RestartQueues
  • outbound-transformer-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • ErrorHeldQueues
    • RejectQueues
    • RestartQueues

Web Service Capture Point and Database Capture Point

  • iwd-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • ErrorHeldQueues
    • RejectQueues
    • RestartQueues

All Capture Points

  • default-values
    • Queue

The following mapping between configured queues and Capture Points' options is maintained.

Capture Point Option iWD Solution's Queue Default Value in IRD Default Value in Composer
default-values/Queue New iWD_New iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
RestartQueues New iWD_New iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
CompleteQueues Completed iWD_Completed iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed
RejectQueues Rejected iWD_Rejected iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Rejected
CancelQueues Canceled iWD_Canceled iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Canceled
ErrorHeldQueues Error Held iWD_ErrorHeld iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_ErrorHeld

The options are updated whenever a user changes any of the queues in the iWD Solution configuration in GAX. They are also modified when a user changes the assigned Solution in the Capture Point's configuration in GAX. If no Solution has been assigned to the Capture Point, the queue options can be set manually.

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