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Enterprise Reports

From the enterprise account, you can create and schedule reports.

To create a new Summary or Detail report:

  1. From the Report tab, click All Reports.
  2. Click New->Enterprise Report.
  3. Select the type of report to be generated, and select the desired options.
  4. Click Create Report.

As the report is generated, it appears on the Reports tabbed page with a status of Running. Once the report is completed, the Status changes from Running to Done.

The following links are available for reports in the Saved Reports section:

  • Save (Summary reports only) – Click this link to open or save the report. When you click Save, a dialog box opens with the following options:
    • Save - save the report as a .csv file on your PC or network.
    • Open - open the report in .csv format in Excel (if Excel is configured on your system to be the default application for .csv files).
    • Cancel - Return to the Create New Report page.
  • Send - Email (Summary or Detail) or ftp (Detail only) the report. Summary reports and Detail reports are emailed or ftp'd as .csv files.
  • Save Audio (available only for Detail reports for campaigns that included audio capture) – Save the associated audio files to disk or to open the audio files. The audio is provided as individual WAV files inside a ZIP file. The file name of each WAV file includes the phone number of the person who recorded it.
  • Failed – Displays a pop-up window with information as to why the report failed.

PGP Encryption for Usage Reports

Many times, a Detail report contains customer sensitive data. If you want the information in Detail reports to be encrypted (using PGP encryption), you can import a public PGP key into the enterprise account. By using encryption, you prevent anyone from reading the data while it is being sent over an email system or ftp connection.

To import a PGP public key into the enterprise:

  1. On the Reports tabbed page, click Public Keys.
  2. Enter the UserID for the public key
  3. Click Browse to locate the file on your PC or network.
  4. Select the file and click Import Public Key.

When you generate Detail reports, the Campaign Report page will contain the compression option PGP encrypt the output file before sending. Select this option to encrypt the report data.


  • When you import an encryption key into the enterprise, only Detail reports generated from the enterprise are encrypted. If you want to use PGP encryption for Detail reports generated by an individual account, you must import a PGP encryption key into that account.
  • You can require all accounts in the enterprise to use a PGP encryption key for Detail reports.

Estimated Activity Cost Report

Estimated Activity Cost Reports allow you to estimate month-to-date cost for your campaigns. From the enterprise account, you can create and schedule the following Estimated Activity Cost reports:

  • Estimated Activity Cost report – Enterprise/Account/Campaign
  • Estimated Activity Cost report – Enterprise/Account

The reports always run month-to-date and for a single month at a time. If you choose a date range for your report it will run for the month at the start of the range.

An account or enterprise must be enabled to show cost data in order to view cost data. If your account or enterprise is not enabled, the body of the report will be blank when run, with a message stating that cost data is not enabled.

For more detailed information about reports, visit the Reports page in the Account Manager help.

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