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Agent States

Note that on the Agent Voice Portal screens, (Duration) presents the amount of time (in H:MM:SS) that the agent has been in their current status.

The status is indicated in text and color, per the following Agent States (in alphabetical order):

Agent State Color Description
After Call Work (ACW) Orange The agent has completed a call and is doing after-call work.
Available White The agent is currently signed in and available to take calls.
Conference Green The agent, transfer target and consumer are talking. (Amount of time talking.)
Consult Light Green The agent is initiating a transfer. (Amount of time to transfer.)
Disconnected/Break Light Purple The agent is currently on break. This status applies only to agents who are in an enhanced agent group.
Launching Light Green Used with Preview; the agent is launching a call to the consumer. (Amount of time to launch the call.)
No Work Yellow The agent is not on a call or doing after-call work. When an agent's status is No Work for more than 30 seconds, the status is shown in yellow.
Preview Aqua The agent is viewing consumer information prior to launching a call. (Amount of time in preview.)
Signed Out/No Session Grey The agent is signed out.
Talking Green The agent is currently speaking to a client.
Transfer Light Green The agent is transferring a call to another agent.
Unavailable/Call Center Closed Red The agent is not currently signed in or the call center is closed.
Whisper Light Green The agent is listening to the whisper prompt for the current client. The client is still in the hold queue.
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