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Caller ID Numbers

In order for you to run a sub-campaign that includes a voice pass, your account must contain a default caller ID number.

Add a Caller ID Number

To add a Caller ID Number:

  1. On the Campaigns menu bar, click Caller ID Numbers. The list of current caller ID numbers for your account appears. (Initially, this list contains only your account phone number.)
  2. Click New to add a new number. The New Caller ID Number page appears.
  3. Enter the Caller ID number, including the country code, in the Phone Number field. (For example, 1 800 555 3232, in the U.S. or + 44 55 5555 8700, in the U.K.).
  4. Enter a name for the number.
  5. Enter a description for the number.
  6. Select Set as default to identify this number as the default Caller ID number for your account.
  7. Click Save Caller ID to save the number or Save and Add New to add another.
  8. The caller ID number list appears. Verify that the number(s) you added are on the list.

Note: All caller ID numbers that appear on this page, as well as the Default Caller ID option, are available on the Caller ID Number list on the Call Pass window when creating or editing a campaign or sub-campaign.

Edit a Caller ID Number

You can edit the name and description of a caller ID number. If you need to edit a caller ID number, you must delete the entry and re-add it with the new or edited phone number.

To change the name or description of a caller ID number:

  1. On the Campaigns -> Caller ID Numbers page, select the name of the Caller ID Number to be edited from the list of available caller ID numbers, or select Edit from the Actions menu. The Edit Caller ID Number page appears.
  2. Enter the new name and/or new description.
  3. Click Save Caller ID.

Reassign a Caller ID Number

To reassign a caller ID number, even while a pass is running.

  1. On the Campaigns -> Caller ID Numbers page, find the Caller ID you want to reassign, and from the Actions menu, click Reassign.
  2. Enter the desired Caller ID number.
  3. Click Reassign Caller ID.

Delete a Caller ID Number

To delete a caller ID number:

  1. On the Campaign > Caller ID Numbers page, identify the Caller ID number to be deleted.
  2. From the Actions menu, click Delete. A Delete Confirmation page appears.
  3. Click Delete Caller ID.
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