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Contact Search

Use the contact search function to search for a single contact, by name, from within the contact lists, in order to edit or delete information.

You can also view all contacts in a list, or view all contacts not assigned to a list.

To search for a contact:

  1. Select Contact Search from the Lists menu.
  2. Type the first few letters of the last name in the Last Name box. If the Last Name box is empty, all the contacts in the selected list are returned.
  3. From the List drop down, select the name of the contact list that contains the contact. If you select the list named Unassigned, all contacts not assigned to a list are returned, including all contact records created for unidentified inbound callers.
  4. Click View Contacts. The results, up to 25 contacts per page, are returned. Click Next, Prev, First, and Last to move through the pages. When the list appears, you can edit or delete contacts.
  5. Click New Contact to add a contact to the list. See Add a contact to a list.
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