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About Session Recording

Session Recording allows you to record and listen to agent/consumer conversations on demand.

Within an enterprise and/or an account you can control which agent group(s) can record calls, what percentage of calls should be recorded, the minimum call duration, in seconds, required in order for a recording to be saved, the maximum duration, in days, that a recording will remain on the platform before being deleted and whether the recordings are stored as .WAV or .OGG files.

By default, recordings will be purged from the system after 14 days. Retention periods may be edited, but you are not able to set them above the maximum level defined in your contract.

Reports are available for retrieval and playback of all recordings. To avoid losing recordings, you may schedule daily reports containing a zipped file of the recordings, along with a manifest to help identify recording IDs. As of release 10.4, recordings stored on the messaging system are encrypted.

To listen to recordings on demand, you may also use the Contact Trace utility which contains links allowing you to both listen to and/or delete recordings.

To ensure PCI compliance, managers and agents are able to delete recordings that may contain sensitive information. Agents can be allowed to pause a recording when sensitive information is being discussed and resume recording following that conversation.

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