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About Preview+

Preview+ is a feature enabling preview dialing on the hosted dialer platform. Preview+ can be used when you are required to make manual calls to attain the efficiencies of a preview dialing campaign.

Preview dialing enables agents to actively review client information on their screen prior to launching a call. When enabled, agents are presented with consumer information and may either skip the call, launch the call (by clicking the launch button), or wait for the preview timer to expire which will launch the call automatically.

Agent Groups can be set up to use a preview timer which allows management to determine the maximum amount of review time available to the agent before the call is automatically launched. The timer can be set to a specific number of seconds or be set to allow unlimited time.

When the preview timer is set to its lowest duration, 1 second, clients can simulate progressive dialing and force agents to move through calls by setting a preview timer and after call work timer to ensure constant progression through the list.

For those agents working in agent groups set to have unlimited preview timers, Preview+ presents agents with a confirmation pop-up immediately after the launch button has been selected. The act of pressing OK or Cancel may be considered by clients as a manual interaction and help to address compliance regulations that restrict calls to mobile phones via automated dialers. (Please consult your legal team for their interpretations.)

Depending on the settings of the campaign, agents are presented with the call progress indicators (ringing or busy, etc) or with a live person or answering machine. You may choose to bridge all calls to agents when making preview calls. If you select the Bridge All Calls option, the system does not perform answering machine detection, and instead passes every call to the agent, including Busies, No Answers, Invalid Numbers, Machines and Live Parties.

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