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Call Information screen

As in all States, the time the agent has been in that state (hours, minutes and seconds) appears in the status bar. In the Talking state, the agent also has access to the End Call and Request Break buttons.

On the Call Information screen, agents are presented with the appropriate detailed information about the current contact, such as name and client_id.

If enabled, agents have the ability to preview consumer information on the screen prior to launching a call to that consumer.

  • If enabled by their supervisor to make the choice, the agent may either skip the call (by selecting Skip Call) or launch the call, (by selecting Launch Call). When selecting Launch Call, the agent sees a confirmation window requiring them to confirm (by clicking OK) that they want to make the call. This act of confirmation ensures that the call is the result of manual intervention and not as a result of a call being made from an auto-dialer.
  • Agents working in an agent group with a timed preview duration enabled will be presented with contact data as well as a countdown timer. Once the countdown timer reaches zero, the call is automatically initiated and the agent is transitioned into the launching state.
  • Should agents wish to launch a call before the timer has expired, they may do so by clicking the Launch Call button

If enabled, agents also have the ability to pause/resume and delete recordings of the calls.

  • When recording, the words Recording Active appears and the recording button appears bright red.
  • If sensitive information is being transmitted, such as a credit card number, click the pause button to temporarily stop recording; the words Recording Paused appear. Click the recording button to resume the recording.
  • Click Delete to delete the recording from the system; the words Recording Deleted appear.
  • When the call is ended, the recording stops and the word Stored appears.

The agent also sees the following list populated with pertinent information about the call and the consumer:

  • Device: - The device (phone number) contacted.
  • Client Time - The current time in the consumer's location.
  • Call Type: - The type of call.
  • Status: - The status of the current call.
  • Hold Time: - The amount of time the consumer has been in a hold state.
  • Detection - Whether a live person or answering device..

At the bottom of the screen, the agent sees the Campaign and Sub-Campaign names.

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