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Session Transfer screen

When Session Transfer is enabled, agents have the ability to perform Supervised or Unsupervised transfers.

Supervised Transfer

A supervised transfer is one in which Agent 1 speaks to the receiving, or target, agent before either sending the screen pop and call to the target agent or cancelling the transfer and returning to the original call.

If the feature is enabled, a Call button appears on the transfer screen indicating that four-way conferencing is available. The agent first enters the phone number for a fourth party, then clicks Call to connect.

Manual Transfer

A supervised transfer can be sent to a manually entered external number, to another agent within the agent group (an internal transfer), or to a pre-defined (preset) number associated with another agent group. Note that the Transfer option is enabled only after a number has been selected or entered into the Manual Transfer field.

Unsupervised Transfer

An unsupervised transfer is one in which Agent 1 transfers both the call and screen pop to a target agent or a target agent group.

If to an agent, the target agent receives the call and screen pop as soon as they transition to an Available state. If to a agent group, the first available agent in the agent group receives the call and the screen pop.

Unsupervised transfers to external numbers or external presets are not allowed.

Agent Group Types

To make it easy for agents to transfer to other internal agent groups or external targets more quickly, the agent may choose from three separate agent group types. These are labeled: My Agent Groups, Agent Groups and External Presets. and when selected, expand to show the available groups to choose from.

Each area may also be collapsed by the agent so that they can quickly target the transfer group they desire to use on subsequent calls.

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