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About Scheduled Followups

Used with the Hosted Dialer and On-Demand messaging, Scheduled Followups - an additional feature of Manual Dial - provides the agent with the ability to schedule a followup call at a later date.

Agent Groups can be set up to use Manual Dial with Scheduled Followups, allowing management to determine which group has the authority to schedule a call for a later date.

All followups are agent owned, meaning the agent who scheduled the followup will be the only agent to receive (make) the followup. Followups are presented to agents as preview calls. As such, each preview call will follow the default settings defined by the agent group to which the agent is assigned. An agent has five minutes from the scheduled start time to log into Agent Voice Portal and launch the call before the system will automatically expire the call.

The time zone presented on the Manual Dial /Followup screen defaults to the time zone of the agent. If a consumer asks for a call to be scheduled at 2 PM PST, an agent could either set the followup for 5 PM ET (America/NewYork) or 2 PM PST (America/LosAngeles). (This assumes the agent's default time zone is America/NewYork.)

To cancel a scheduled callback, enter a record into a suppression list for the device or clientID in question and apply it to the on-demand strategy used to service the callbacks.

If the first pass of the on-demand strategy is not correctly defined as a preview pass, the completion status 'INCOMPATIBLE_CHANNEL_TYPE will be returned for records that are filtered, suppressed, etc.

Agents may schedule followups while actively on a call, after the consumer ends the call or from an idle state (Available or No_Work).

Scheduled contact data:

  • Dedicated manual scenario
    • the information is cleared from the Manual tab after submitting followup
  • In call scenario
    • If you have looked up an account or entered any information into the manual tab, it remains
    • If you have not looked anything up – the manual tab will be populated with the information of the current contact

More about Scheduled Followups

Learn more about Scheduled Followups in the following sections of the Help:

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