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About Session Transfer

Session Transfer allows receiving agents to transfer a call to another agent or an external number.

Session transfer features require that you have contractual access to Agent Voice Portal. With access, you can enable or disable the transfer settings independently at the Enterprise Account, Account, or Agent Group levels.

When disabled, the transfer feature will not appear in the user interface.

Manual Dial can only be enabled if External Transfer is enabled.

Supervised Transfer

A supervised transfer is one in which Agent 1 speaks to the receiving, or target, agent before either sending the screen pop and call to the target agent or cancelling the transfer and returning to the original call.

A supervised transfer can be sent to a manually entered external number, to another agent within the agent group (an internal transfer), or to a pre-defined (preset) number associated with another agent group.

Note that the Transfer option is enabled only after a number has been selected or entered into the Manual Transfer field.

Agent Voice Portal supports internal transfers to agents in any of the following states:

  • Available
  • Talking
  • After-call-work (ACW)

If a target agent is in a non-available state, they may receive one transferred call that will go into a queue for them. This is the next call delivered to that agent.

Internal transfers that are queued for an agent will be disconnected after the maximum hold timer (defined in the script) has expired.

When performing a transfer to a manually entered phone number, the system will validate that the phone number meets the following criteria:

  • The phone number format is valid.
  • The country of origin (of the agent) is the same as the country of destination, with the exception of the US and Canada where inter-country transfers are supported.
  • The call will transfer to land-line only (non US clients)
  • Transfers to toll free numbers will only be supported if the client has the appropriate services.
  • Transfers to toll numbers will only be supported if the client has the appropriate services.

Unsupervised Transfer

An unsupervised transfer is one in which Agent 1 transfers both the call and screen pop to a target agent or a target agent group.

If to an agent, the target agent receives the call and screen pop as soon as they transition to an Available state. If to an agent group, the first available agent in the agent group receives the call and the screen pop.

Unsupervised transfers to external numbers or external presets are not allowed.

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