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About Manual Dial

Used with the Hosted Dialer and On-Demand messaging, Manual Dial provides several key features to agents:

  • It allows agents to select a campaign, enter a client_id and a device and launch a call,
  • It allows agents to make a follow-up call to another number associated with the contact,
  • It allows agents to enter a free-form number and launch a call, and
  • It allows agents to schedule a follow up call at a later date.

With Manual Dial an agent can work a list of accounts off a sheet of paper on their desk without a list being loaded or any calls scheduled.

If an agent connects to a contact and is told to call a different number, the agent can hang up, and immediately enter the new number to reach the contact.

To be able to schedule a follow-up call at a later date, the existing default on-demand strategy must be edited to include a preview pass as the first pass, followed by a manual pass.

Agent Groups can be set up to use Manual Dial, allowing management to determine which group has the authority to manually enter phone numbers.


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