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Manual Dial screen

When Manual Dialing is enabled, agents have the ability to manually enter a phone number and make a call to a consumer.

Upon sign in, the agent enters their own phone number and clicks Connect. Their phone rings, indicating that they are connected and the screen changes to the No Work state.

To get started, the agent clicks the Manual Dial icon and selects the appropriate campaign from the Campaign drop down list. The only campaigns available are those that are associated with the agent's agent group and that have an on-demand strategy assigned to it.

Next, the agent enters a phone number or performs a consumer look up by entering the client ID of the consumer to be called into the Client ID field and clicking Look-up. This action performs a search across all active lists in the account and, if the client ID is found, loads the associated consumer's name and all devices (less email addresses) onto the screen.

The agent selects a phone number from the Device drop down, or manually enters a different number, and presses the Enter key or clicks Launch Call.

The screen changes to Launching and, when the call is answered, to Talking.

When the call is finished, the agent clicks End Call and the After Call Work screen appears, where the agent can select/enter a disposition code and click Submit Disposition or Submit and Follow-up. Submit and Follow-up allows the agent to submit a disposition code and then immediately call the consumer on a different phone number. In this case, the Follow-up screen appears, and the agent selects the new number from the drop down list and clicks Launch Call. In a full view screen, the new number appears as a device and it is also stored in a list created for all new numbers in that campaign.

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