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Agent Information/Tools screen

The agent enters the Agent Portal in the Disconnected/Break state with the Agent Information/Tools screen active.

While in the Disconnected state, the agent has the ability to change their password, if necessary. Note that if the agent's password expires, it will need to be reset by a supervisor.

The agent also has the option to select a specific agent group in which to work, allowing them to move from group to group without the need for their manager to change their profile.

Dial-out agents are able to edit the phone number assigned to their profile, allowing them to move from seat to seat and not be restricted to a single phone number. The manager can also make this change without needing to edit agent profiles.

From the Agent Information/Tools screen, the agent can click Help to view the online help specific to the agent use of the portal. They can also select Open Compact to reduce the size of the Portal, allowing them to re-size their host system and work both Agent Voice Portal and their host system side-by-side. Clicking Sign Out takes the agent out of the Agent Voice Portal.

Note that once signed in to the portal, the online help and change password links are accessible through the Tools icon.

By selecting Connect, the agent's status changes to Connecting and they are immediately available to take a call (Dial-out agents) or connect to the messaging system (Dial-in agents). When the agent is connected to a consumer, the status changes to Talking and the Call Information tab is selected automatically.

If at any time the agent experiences line quality issues, they can return to the Tools Tab and click Report Issue with Line Quality. Select from the available options, Echo, Static, Delay, Choppy or select Other and enter a description of the problem. Click Report Issue to report the problem.

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