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Sign in to the Agent Text Portal

Once an agent has been added to a portal agent group and assigned to the login group, they can access the Agent Text Portal using the defined User ID and password.

To sign in to the Agent Text Portal:

  1. Enter the URL supplied by SoundBite.
  2. The Account Sign in page appears.

  3. Enter your User ID and initial Password provided by the Account Manager.
  4. Note that when signing in for the first time, or after the Account Manager has edited your password, you are prompted to change your password.

  5. Click Sign In, automatically indicating your availability to receive and respond to text messages.
  6. The Agent Text Portal page appears.

When an agent signs out of the Agent Text Portal, the system registers that they are no longer available to accept or respond to text messages. Any text messages left in the agent’s queue are returned to the pool of incoming messages and assigned to another agent.

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