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A script is a file that combines the text, recorded audio and business rules, or set of instructions, that directs the recipient consumer through particular pathways during the SMS, voice, web or email message, based on responses made by the recipient during the exchange.

Import a DC Script

If you have a Direct Connect (DC) script that you use in multiple individual accounts, where the only difference in each account is the Direct Connect number specified in the script, you can import the script into the enterprise account. It will then be available to all of your individual accounts. When individual account users are setting up a new campaign using the script, they can specify the Direct Connect number they want to use for the campaign.

When importing a Direct Connect script into the enterprise account, do not include the Direct Connect number in the DIRECTCONNNECT portion of the script. If you do, individual account users will not be able to specify the DC number when configuring a new campaign.

To import a new script into the enterprise account:

  1. On the Scripts tabbed page, select Import Script. The Import Script page appears.
  2. Enter a name and description for the script. Descriptions appear on the Scripts tabbed page, so enter a clear description of what the script does.
  3. Click Browse to locate the script file on your computer or network.
  4. Select the file (which must be a JAR file) and click Open to select it.
  5. Click Next. The Configure Script page appears. The tabs you see depend on the contents of the script.
  6. From the Automatically Delete Script dropdown, specify when you want the script to be deleted from the system. You can select Never if you want it to remain indefinitely.
  7. Click Import Script. The script appears on the Scripts tabbed page.
  8. Test the script as described on the Scripts page of the Account Manager help.

For more detailed information and scripts and script options and types, visit the Scripts page in the Account Manager help.

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