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Agent Voice Portal screens

After signing in to the Agent Voice Portal via Dial-in or Dial-out registration, the portal appears with the Tools screen active. The agent enters in the Disconnected state and has the option to use the full screen portal or the compact view.

The full screen portal provides supplemental information, listing Details (pre-defined Other and Company fields) and Devices of their current contact.

  • Details - Other 1: through Other 9 and Company: - Consumer information stored in the Other1 through Other9 and Company fields of the contact list.
  • Devices - The consumer's devices.
  • The Compact View is identical to the Full View without the Details and Devices information.

The status area at the top of the Agent Voice Portal provides information about the agent's activities and allows an agent to take and end calls and indicate availability.

  • Next - Select Next to accept the next call in the queue.
  • End Call - Select End Call to release the current call and enter the After Call Work phase.
  • Request Break - Select Request Break to signal that you are not available to take calls during a break period.

At the bottom of the screen is a question mark icon. Click the icon to report a problem or self-restore to an available state.

The Agent Portal for Voice consists of five tabbed screens, each providing pertinent information about the agent's status and the active call.

All AVP screens include a Notes area in which the agent can enter free-form notes, such as a forwarding phone number or other information helpful to their work process. This notes box can be cleared at any time by the agent, or will automatically be cleared when the agent signs out. Notes are not stored.

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