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Transfer Agent Groups

The transfer agent groups are used by the Account Manager to create preset speed dial entries for use with Agent Portal for Voice. These preset phone numbers are selectable by the agents when transferring a call to another agent or other pre-designated external number.

No agents are assigned to a transfer agent group and a transfer agent group is not eligible to accept sub-campaigns.

Note that transfer groups can be hidden - not displayed as a part of the agent groups list - by selecting View -> Hide Transfer Groups on the Agent Groups Show All page.

Create a Transfer Agent Group

Transfer agent groups are used to identify preset phone numbers to be used when an agent needs to transfer a call. Transfer agent groups do not include agents, nor can they accept a sub-campaign.

To create a transfer agent group:

  1. On the Agent Groups menu bar, select New Agent Group, or from the secondary menu options, click New. The New Agent Group page appears.
  2. In the Name box, enter a unique name for the agent group.
  3. From the Time Zone list, select the time zone in which the agents will be operating.
  4. Select Transfer as the Agent Group Type.
  5. In the Phone Number field, enter the country code and phone number (for example, +1 888 555 0001, +18885550001, or +1-888-555-0001).
  6. Click Create Agent Group to create the agent group and return to the Agent Group list.

Delete a Transfer Agent Group

When you delete a transfer agent group, the preset transfer number is removed.

To delete a transfer agent group:

  1. On the Agent Groups list, select the agent group to be deleted.
  2. From the menu bar, select Delete. The Delete Agent Group Confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click Yes. The Agent Group list is refreshed.

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