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Schedule and manage a followup call

Agents using Agent Voice Portal may have the option to schedule a followup call with a consumer at a later date. This functionality, when enabled, is accessed from the Manual Dial screen.

To schedule a followup call while in the Talking state:

  1. While in a talking state, click the Manual icon.
  2. The Manual screen appears

  3. In the Device field, enter or select the device to be used for the followup call.
  4. From the Time Zone drop down list, elect the appropriate time zone. Note that time zones default to the time zone of the individual agent.
  5. From the Contact Time drop downs, select the hour (military time, 0-23) and the minutes (in five minute increments).
  6. From the Date drop down, select the date on which the call is to be made (default is "Today").
  7. Note that the agent can schedule the call only as far into the future as is defined in the Agent Group (default is 14 days, maximum is 30 days).

  8. Click Schedule Call.
  9. A confirmation dialog appears.

  10. Click Schedule Call.
  11. The agent is returned to the Manual screen where they can schedule another call, return to the Call Information screen or Disposition Code screen to end the call.

To schedule a followup call while in the After Call Work state:

  1. While in the After Call Work state, click the Submit and Followup button.
  2. The Manual screen appears in the Followup state.

  3. Schedule a followup call to the client record appearing in the Device field or enter the device for the call.
  4. Continue, following the steps outlined above.

Reschedule or Delete Scheduled Followups

Agents can reschedule or delete (cancel) followups assigned to them using the Scheduled Followups link. When the agent searches for scheduled followups, only the followups assigned to that agent will display. The agent can then edit the date, time, or time zone of the followup or cancel the followup.

In some cases, it may not be possible to edit or delete a scheduled followup, especially one that is due very soon. In this case, the agent will see the error message “This followup cannot be rescheduled.”

More about Scheduled Followups

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