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Text Settings

Selected default information is defined from within the Account Manager, such as setting the default campaign and program names, specifying the text of the Prepared Responses that are available to the agents assigned to a specific campaign, identifying the default number of messages downloaded to an agent, and the refresh time assigned to the agent’s inbox.

To define default Text settings in an account:

  1. Click the Settings tab and select Text Settings. The Text Settings page appears.
  2. From the Default Program list, select the default program for this account.
  3. From the Default Campaign list, select the default campaign for this account.
  4. From the Maximum Agent Inbox Size list, select the number of messages to be downloaded at a time into the agent's inbox.
  5. From the New Message Poll Interval list, select the amount of time between downloads.

To define the Prepared Responses, or template responses:

  1. Enter a name for the prepared response in the Name field.
  2. Enter the text of the prepared response in the Response field, up to 160 characters, per SMS standards.
  3. Click Save Settings.
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