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Campaign Templates

If you have a campaign configuration that you want to use for sub-campaigns in multiple individual accounts, you can create a template, or campaign strategy, from within the enterprise account. Individual account users can then use the Copy Enterprise Campaign function to copy the campaign strategy into their account, saving time and reducing errors.

To create a campaign template, click New -->Campaign on the Campaigns tabbed page. On the General tab, enter the campaign name and then configure the following:

  • Campaign Description - (Optional) Enter a description (maximum 128 characters) of the campaign.
  • Campaign Timeframe - Select Permanent or set the start and end date next to Explicit Dates. When the end date is reached, the campaign is automatically archived and is no longer displayed on the Campaigns tab unless you click the Archived tab above the campaign list.
  • On Demand Strategy - N/A.
  • Set as the default campaign for this account - The default campaign is generally the one configured with more of the most frequently used campaign settings and/or select this option if this campaign is to be the default for sub-campaigns that use the phone interface described in Create a script over the phone.
  • Campaign available to copy into all individual accounts - Click to enable.

To define a new campaign strategy, click Add Strategy on the Outbound tab and name the new campaign strategy. The name appears in the Strategy Name dropdown.

Refer to the Campaigns page in the Account Manager help to review standard campaign configuration options.

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