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List Agents

Select the List Agents tab to view a list of all agents that are available, or logged in, to the currently selected agent group. From here, you can manage enhanced agents and portal agents in the following ways:

View an Agent List

Select Filter to filter the agent list by active and inactive agents.

You can sort a list by clicking the arrow button in the column heading by which you want to sort the list.

Click the pencil icon on the far right and select the columns you want from the following list:

  • User ID - The agent's User ID.
  • Supervise (Portal Agent Groups only) - Allows the Account Manager to supervise an agent's interaction with a consumer by monitoring the call, coaching the agent during the call or barging into the call and taking control of the conversation.
  • Name - The agent's name.
  • Agent Group -The name of the agent group to which the agent is assigned.
  • Phone - The agent's phone number.
  • Campaign - The name of the campaign to which the agent is currently assigned.
  • Sub-Campaign - The name of the sub-campaign from which the agent is currently taking calls.
  • Contact - The name of the contact with whom the agent is working.
  • Client ID - The Client ID of the contact with whom the agent is working.
  • Device - The device of the contact with whom the agent is working.
  • Status - The current status of the agent, from the following list:
Agent State Color Description
After Call Work (ACW) Orange The agent has completed a call and is doing after-call work.
Available White The agent is currently signed in and available to take calls.
Conference Green The agent, transfer target and consumer are talking. (Amount of time talking.)
Consult Light Green The agent is initiating a transfer. (Amount of time to transfer.
Disconnected/Break Light Purple The agent is currently on break. This status applies only to agents who are in an enhanced agent group.
Launching Light Green Used with Preview; the agent is launching a call to the consumer. (Amount of time to launch the call.)
No Work Yellow The agent is not on a call or doing after-call work. When an agent's status is No Work for more than 30 seconds, the status is shown in yellow.
Preview Aqua The agent is viewing consumer information prior to launching a call. (Amount of time in preview.)
Signed Out/No Session Grey The agent is signed out.
Talking Green The agent is currently speaking to a client.
Transfer Light Green The agent is transferring a call to another agent.
Unavailable/Call Center Closed Red The agent is not currently signed in or the call center is closed.
Whisper Light Green The agent is listening to the whisper prompt for the current client. The client is still in the hold queue.
  • Reason - Corresponds to the agent's status
  • Duration-The amount of time (in H:MM:SS) that the agent has been in their current state. Duration resets to 0:00:00 whenever the agent's status changes.
  • Line State-The agent's current physical line state.
  • Record-Information regarding the recording of the call.
  • Other1-9-Information from the contact list contained in this field.
  • Actions - From the actions menu, you can:
    • Edit agent information
    • Delete an agent
    • Restore a portal agent
    • Change an agent's password
    • View an agent's scheduled follow-up calls

Create an Agent List

The agent list must be defined in such a way that the system can recognize each field in order to import the information correctly.

To create an agent list, click New on the List Agent page and specify the following:

  • User ID - must be a valid email address.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Skills - separate each skill with a comma.
  • Time zone - select from the list.
  • Password (Portal agents only): Enter and confirm a password, between 8 and 10 characters.
  • Voice portal - choose from Agent Voice Portal, Agent Text Portal, or Human Initiated Dialing.
    • If the agent is using the Agent Voice Portal, specify the Connect Method (Outbound) and the agent's 10-digit phone number (for example, 888 555 0001, 8885550001, or 888-555-0001). If the agent's phone number includes an extension, enter a space following the 10-digit phone number followed by the letter "x" and the extension (for example, 888-555-0001 x1234).
    • If the agent is using Agent Text Portal, specify the Message Permissions and Device Permissions.
      • For Message Permissions, select Full to allow the agent the ability to create and respond to messages in a free-form fashion, or select None to restrict the agent to using prepared responses.
      • For Device Permissions, select Full to allow the agent the ability to enter a device (phone number) and send messages in a free-form fashion to that device, or select None to prevent the agent from initiating a text message.
Inbound Toll and Inbound Toll Free are available only if you have contractual access to Agent Voice Portal's inbound calling feature.

Import an Agent List

First, create the list in Excel and save it as a CSV file:

  1. Open an Excel workbook and enter the following header row of the first five columns:
    • externalid - This is the Agent's user ID, defined as a phone number or email address)
    • firstName
    • lastName
    • email
    • defaultPhoneNumber - The agent's phone number should be 10 digits (for example, 888 555 0001, 8885550001, or 888-555-0001). If it includes an extension, enter a space following the 10-digit phone number followed by the letter "x" and the extension (for example, 888-555-0001 x1234).
  2. Enter each agent's information and save the list as a CSV file. Note: If you want to include a field for skills, add a tags field in the file. If the multiple skills per agent are used, then the field should be quoted.

Now, go to the List Agents page and import the agent list:

  1. Click Import to import the list of agents.The Import Agents dialog appears.
  2. Browse to the location of the file.
  3. Specify the options listed in the Create an agent list section above.
  4. Click Import Agents.

Note that the agent import tool supports UTF-8 name formats.

Edit Agent Information

To edit the information for an existing agent:

  1. Select the agent from the list or click the pencil icon in the Actions field.
  2. Edit the information as needed.
  3. Click Save Agent to return to the agent list.

Schedule or Cancel a Break

To schedule or cancel an agent's break period:

  1. In the status column, click the agent's current status.
  2. Select Break and click OK to send the agent on break, or select Available and click OK to have the agent resume work following a break.

Delete an Agent

To delete an agent:

  1. Select the agent from the list or click the trash icon in the Actions field.
  2. Click Delete. A confirmation box appears.
  3. Click OK. The agent is deleted from the agent list.

Restore a Portal Agent

On the List Agent page, the supervisor can use the Restore menu option to reconnect, or restore, an agent to the platform.

The Restore option is only enabled when agents are in active state. It is not available for agents who are in the Signed-Out or Break-Disconnected states.

To restore a portal agent that has been disconnected from the system:

  1. On the List Agent page, select the box next to the agent’s User ID or click the Restore icon in the Actions field.
  2. When the agent is selected, the agent information is highlighted and the Restore option is enabled.
  3. Click Restore.

The agent is transitioned to a Break-Disconnected state and the following message appears: The selected agent has been reset. Please have the agent reconnect to the system. At this point, the agent can click Connect to re-establish their connection to the system.

Resets are logged on the Events page.

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