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Agent Dial-In registration

To access Agent Voice Portal, an agent must first be added to a portal agent group and their connection method, Dial-out or Dial-in, defined per the contract.

When using Dial-in Registration, the agent signs in to Agent Voice Portal with their User ID and Password. The agent then dials the phone number provided on the screen and enters the PIN in order to establish the Direct Bridge with the platform.

To sign in to the Agent Voice Portal:

  1. Enter the URL to the messaging system.
  2. The Account Sign in page appears.

  3. Enter the User ID and Password.
  4. Note that upon the first sign in, you will be prompted to change your password. This also occurs anytime the Account Manager has changed your password.

  5. Click Change Password under your user ID in the middle of the screen to change the initial (or edited) password created by the Account Manager.
  6. By allowing agents to log in to the application and signal their availability, the system is able to accurately pace calling to meet current resources, regardless of the expected staffing schedule. In addition, agents can suspend calling to their number when they need to take an inbound call from another source or need to leave their station for a break or other reason.

  7. Click Connect.
  8. The Registration Information appears. The agent enters the portal in the Disconnected state.

  9. Dial the phone number appearing in the dialog box. When asked, enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) by pressing the numbers on the key pad.
  10. The agent's state changes to Break.

  11. When ready to accept your first call, click Resume to indicate your availability.
  12. This action establishes the Direct Bridge which, when a call is initiated, connects the agent to the consumer.

See Agent Voice Portal screen.

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