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There are three types of service plans:

  • Corporate—Provides the most flexibility for an individual account user. The user can perform all functions described in the Account Manager help, including create new campaigns, start new sub-campaigns, manage sub-campaigns, import scripts, import contact lists, generate reports, and more.
  • 24 Hour Plan—Allows contact attempts to be made at any time during the day or night. This plan is generally used for making contacts during an emergency situation. It should be avoided for most campaigns, so as not to accidentally attempt contacts during an inappropriate time period.
  • Training Plan—Has the same capabilities as a Corporate Plan, except that all contact attempts made using this plan are simulated. No live contact attempts will be made. This enables you to train employees in all areas of the messaging system without making live attempts.

From the Plans tabbed page, you can

  • Create new plans—See Create a new service plan.
  • Change the settings for a plan—Click the plan name to edit the plan name, the contact start and end times, maximum attempts per hour, maximum number of unarchived campaigns, maximum number of agent groups, maximum number of schedule groups, maximum number of live agents per agent group, whether to allow contacting international numbers, and whether to allow the use of enhanced agent groups. Click Save Plan.
  • Enable or disable a plan—Click the plan name, click the Disable (or Enable) link, and select OK for the prompt that appears. You can disable a plan only if there are no accounts associated with the plan. Once a plan is disabled, it is not displayed on the Plans tab unless you click the Show Disabled link.
  • Show/hide disabled plans—Click the Show Disabled link to include disabled plans in the list, or click Hide Disabled to show only enabled plans.

Create a new service plan

To create a new service plan:

  1. On the Plans tabbed page, click New Plan. The New Plan page appears.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the plan (e.g., 24-hour, Evening, Daytime).
  3. Use the Contact time: Start and Contact time: Stop dropdowns to select the start and end time for the plan. This is based on local time for each time zone in which you will be attempting contacts.
  4. Select the agent group types to allow from the Agent Group Types options.
  5. Click Save Plan.
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