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Related Documentation Resources

This page provides additional resources and information relevant to Genesys software.


  • Genesys Technical Publications Glossary, which is available online: Glossary. It provides a comprehensive list of the Genesys and computer-telephony integration (CTI) terminology and acronyms used in this document.
  • Genesys Migration Guide, which ships on the Genesys Documentation Library DVD, and which provides documented migration strategies for Genesys product releases. Contact Genesys Technical Support for more information.
  • Release Notes and Advisories, which are available at Genesys Release Notes.

Information about supported hardware and third-party software is available on the Genesys Technical Documentation site:

Consult these additional resources as necessary:

  • Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide, which provides information about Genesys hardware sizing guidelines for the Genesys 7.x and 8.x releases.
  • Genesys Licensing Guide, which introduces you to the concepts, terminology, and procedures relevant to the Genesys licensing system.
  • Genesys Database Sizing Estimator, which provides a range of expected database sizes for various Genesys products.

For additional system-wide planning tools and information, see the release-specific listings of System Level Documents, accessible from the System-Level Guides.

Genesys product documentation is available on the:

  • Genesys Technical Documentation website at PureEngage Docs.
  • Genesys Documentation Library DVD, which you can order by email from Genesys Order Management at
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