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Interoperability for Genesys Video Gateway

This page describes the interoperability for Genesys Video Gateway.

Symbol/Term Definition
Genesys Video Gateway supports this version.
Genesys Video Gateway does not support this version.
Product is not available in the given version. Contact your Genesys representative for more information.

Interoperability for Between Genesys Video Gateway and Other Genesys Products

Component 8.0 8.1 8.5
Genesys Voice Platform No No Yes
SIP Server No Yes
Universal Routing Server No Yes
Workspace Desktop Edition No No Yes
Workspace SIP Endppoint No No Yes

Interoperability for Between Genesys Video Gateway and SIP Endpoints

Name Supported Version
CounterPath Bria 4.1
Genesys SIP Endpoint SDK 8.5.1
Workspace SIP Endpoint 8.5.1
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