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T-Library Call-Based Notifications

This section describes the events generated when T-Server notifies a client of call-based activity. Each event listed here is identified with a description, the contents of the event (presented in table format as a list of the attributes associated with it), and an example of where the event is likely to be encountered during a call flow. (The format of this part of the section is the same as the general events section, T-Library Events.)

The information in this T-Library Call-Based Notifications section replaces a now deprecated solution that used existing DN-based functions to obtain call-based notifications. That former solution required that T-Server clients register for abstract DNs in a Genesys implementation. In order to indicate that an abstract DN was notifying or was being referred to by a parameter of a function, a double colon was used after certain event attributes or parameters, namely dn and location, as in AttributeThisDN=<location>::.

This section has the following subsections:

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