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Call Definition

A call is a temporary association among several telephony objects (or between a telephony object and a network entity) that is established by the use of telephony network capabilities. This association may have from zero to many parties. A call is a stateless object that has a Universally Unique ID (UUID) attribute, a Connection ID (comparable to the DN-based attribute of the same name used in event reporting), a type, a number of optional attributes, and a list of parties.

Consultation calls not only have references to the active call, but also to the main (original) call. In multi-site environments, related calls are linked to each other my means of Inter-Site Links (IS-Links). (See Multi-Site Call Scenarios for details.) Except for these two cases of additional references, all calls are processed and reported on independently of one another.

Call Attributes

CallUUID (string)—UUID of the call.
ISLinkList—List of links to call instances distributed across remote sites.
ConnID (conn-id)—Connection ID of the call.
CallType (int)—Call type (Internal/Inbound/Outbound/Consult).
OrigCallUUID—UUID of the main call (for consult calls only).

The following additional attributes for calls have the same definitions as their DN-based analogs. See individual listings under Event Attributes.

NodeID (int)
NetworkCallID (ulong64)
NetworkNodeID (int)
ANI (string)
DNIS (string)
UserData (kv-list)

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