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Place Interaction in Workbin

In this model, shown in the following figure, URS asks Interaction Server to place an interaction in a workbin.

Place Interaction in Workbin
The agent application can also make the request to place an interaction in a workbin. In that case the model would look the same, except that Interaction Server would simply send EventAck rather than EventRouteUsed.

This model uses the messages listed in the following table:

Messages in Place Interaction in Workbin
Message Protocol
EventPartyRemoved Reporting
EventPlacedInQueue Reporting
EventPlacedInWorkbin Reporting
EventRouteUsed, used here in place of EventAck T-Library
EventWorkbinContentChanged Interaction Management

This model uses the following substitutions:

  • T-Library EventRouteUsed stands in for Interaction Management EventAck.
  • T-Library RequestRouteCall stands in for Interaction Management RequestPlaceInWorkbin.
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