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The Transaction Monitoring Event

You can expect to receive EventTransactionStatus once you have successfully subscribed to transaction monitoring. Information about your subscription request is also available from EventACK, EventError, and EventServerInfo. For descriptions of these general T-Library events and their transaction monitoring specifics, see EventACK, EventError, and EventServerInfo. For descriptions of event attributes generally, see Event Attributes.



This message is an implementation of Transaction Monitoring Feature notification. This notification is associated with one of the subscriptions requested by the T-Server client. The key-value pairs of the Extensions attribute expose details of call-transfer availability (the current state of ISCC transactions), such as delays and losses, in the multi-site environment.


Event Attribute Type
SubscriptionID a Mandatory
Extensions Mandatory

a. For a description of this attribute, see SubscriptionID in the general Event Attributes descriptions.


The following examples demonstrate the main requests and expected responses for cases related to transaction monitoring.

Transaction Monitoring Feature: Query Server
Transaction Monitoring Feature: Subscribe
Transaction Monitoring Feature: Unsubscribe
Transaction Monitoring Feature: Modify Subscription
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