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Negative-Response Events



The requested function cannot be performed. The reasons are specified by the values of the ErrorCode and ErrorMessage parameters.


Event Attribute Type
ConnID Optional
CustomerID Optional
ErrorCode Mandatory a
ErrorMessage Optional
Event Mandatory
ReferenceID Mandatory
Server Mandatory
ThisDN Optional
time Mandatory
Extensions Optional b

a. ErrorCode, when received as a negative response to TTransactionMonitoring(), may include the following reasons:

  • TERR_UNSUP_OPER (unsupported operation), the Transaction Monitoring Feature is not supported by this T-Server.
  • TERR_INVALID_ATTR (invalid attribute value), the transaction monitoring request contains an invalid attribute.

b. Contains additional information on a failure.

The Reasons attribute was formerly included in this event. It is now obsolete. (It is omitted from the EventError message since, presumably, the requestor is aware of the reason for the request.)
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