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ISCC Transaction Monitoring

ISCC Transaction monitoring is a feature for working with multi-site environments. ISCC is an internal T-Server component responsible for T-Server's multi-site operations such as multi-site call transfer, inter-site call linkage, call overflow, and other, possibly non-call–related, multi-site operations. Internally, those operations are called transactions.

This section describes the interfaces that allow you to work with ISCC Transaction Monitoring: the TTransactionMonitoring() function, the TSubscriptionOperationType enumeration, and EventTransactionStatus. Use these to subscribe and work with this feature. In particular, the key-value pairs of the Extensions attribute returned in EventTransactionStatus expose details of call-transfer availability (the current state of ISCC transactions), such as delays and losses, in the multi-site environment.

The content of this section represents the implementation of the transaction model exposed as an extension of the existing T-Library SDK.

This section has the following subsections:

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