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T-Library Events

This section lists the T-Library Events that developers can expect to see while working with a Genesys implementation. Each event listed here is identified with a description, the contents of the event (presented in table format as a list of the attributes associated with it), and an example of where the event is likely to be encountered during a call flow. The end of this section includes general information about various event-related issues, including an Agent-State Diagram, definitions of event attributes (including, for the reference ID attribute, a table of the relationships between requests and events), and a description of the TEvent structure.

Event contents are presented as the collection of attributes associated with each event, as well as an indication of that attribute's Type. For the purposes of this section, Type has one of two values: Mandatory or Optional. Here Type refers to the presence of the attribute at the time of the generation of its event, and not to a characteristic of the attribute itself.

Attribute Type

  • Mandatory—Indicates that this autoboot is always present when its associated event occurs.
  • Optional—Indicates that this attribute may or may not be present when the associated event occurs.

List of T-Library Events

Agent States, Call-Party States, Work Modes

The T-Library Events section also includes the following topics:

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