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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
11/30/17 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

  • Email Enhancements
    • In-line email forwarding.
      • In-line forwarding from History. Agents can now forward from the History view, inbound and outgoing email interactions that are in the 'Done' state.
      • In-line email forwarding. This feature allows agents to forward an email as part of the body of an email instead of as an attachment. This enables agents to add comments and attachments before sending the forwarded email.
  • Voice Enhancements
    • Remote agent phone number support: For deployments that require Configuration Server proxy, it is now possible for remote agents, such as those working from home, to enter their phone number to receive calls. This feature was previously possible only if Configuration Server proxy was not required. This feature requires SIP Server or higher.
    • Nailed up connection establishment on first call: Nailed up connection enables remote agents to answer and hang-up each call without using a physical phone. With nailed up connection establishment on the first call after login, agents are only required to answer the first call using the physical phone. They do not need to hang-up after each call to receive the next one. To set up Nailed Up calls, refer to the SIP Server documentation .
    • Caller ID display name: When an agent selects the caller ID for outgoing calls, Workspace passes both the descriptive name and the phone number to be displayed to the call recipient.
    • You can now configure Workspace to not display the Accept button on the interaction preview pop-up. The following configuration option has been added to support this feature:
  • Team Communicator Enhancements
  • Service Client API Enhancement
    • Extension is now supported.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Pending Agent State: The state timer no longer starts immediately if an agent sets his or her status to Not Ready, Not Ready Reason, or any other state while he or she is still handling an interaction. The timer for that state does not start until the call is released, the chat is marked as Done, or the email is sent or put into a workbin.


Web Services API

  • Support for accessing statistics for workbins by type and by agent.
  • Support for broadcasting and receiving custom parameters when removing a participant from a conference.
  • A new parameter, dynamicPhoneNumber, was added to the StartContactCenterSession request to specify an alternate phone number for the duration of agent login session.
  • HTTP Security enhancements:
    • Transparent HTTPS Redirection
    • Support for X-Content-Type-Options and X-XSS-Protection responses
    • Support for X-Frame-Options HTTP header field
    • Support for Secure Flag for Session Cookies.

CRM Gplus Adapters

  • The Participants menu in an active call allows the agent to redial the party that has hung up the call. This feature requires Genesys Universal Contact Server to retrieve the contact information. Note: Genesys Interaction Recording is currently not supported when using this feature.
  • The Adapter will now send notifications to the Statistics icon whenever the configured statistic in Contact Center Statistic gets updated. You can configure the required statistic using the new configuration options statistics.badge-statistics and statistics.badge-resource.
  • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce Lightning Experience supports the following:
    • Single Sign On (SSO) with the configuration of SAML2 in Genesys Web Services.
    • Saving the Salesforce object id, object type, and object name of the current record in Genesys user data fields for voice, email and chat interactions upon marking done on the interaction.
    • Genesys Email
      • Associating Email interactions with Genesys Universal Contact Server (UCS) contacts and creating entries in the interaction history with disposition and notes.
      • Screen Pop:
        • Displaying screen pop for Email Invitation and Email Acceptance.
        • Passing data field as a search expression.
      • Activity Tracking:
        • Logging the Salesforce Activity for each email upon mark done.
        • Storing the email body as part of Activity description.
        • Specifying the format and data fields saved in the subject field of the Salesforce Activity by using custom templates.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 no longer becomes unresponsive while an agent is handling a voice interaction if Genesys Softphone is being used as a SIP Endpoint and Workspace Web Edition is configured to enable agents to control the speaker and microphone volumes. (HTCC-28659)

Service Client API subscription to events now works with integration at the interaction level in background mode. Previously in this scenario, events occurred only for the first interaction. (HTCC-28513)

Workspace now correctly reconnects to Genesys Softphone if Genesys Softphone is stopped and restarted while an agent is logged in. (HTCC-28290)

Genesys Softphone is now correctly unregistered in Disaster Recovery environments when an agent logs out. Previously, agents were prevented from logging in to a different Place after logging out in scenarios where both the Preferred SIP Server and Peer SIP Server were down at initial login. (HTCC-28242)

You no longer have to disable loopback to use Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 with Genesys Softphone and Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) Screen Recorder. (HTCC-28236)

The interaction duration timer that is displayed in the toolbar of chat interactions now starts when the interaction is accepted by an agent. Previously, the timer started when the interaction entered the queue. (HTCC-27707)

Web Services API

Earlier the process for ending contact center session could call the request for agent logout on sip-server in spite of the agent already has LoggedOut state. Double logout on sip server is avoided after the fix. (HTCC-28023)

Previously GWS response contains an error/warning message that may disclose sensitive information. (HTCC-25263)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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