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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
03/04/16 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

  • Agent state supervision
    • Supervisors in real-time can view and update the status of their agents. Supervisors can change an agent's readiness state and, if necessary, logoff an agent from all media channels.
    • These capabilities allow supervisors to prevent interactions from being routed to agents who have left the workstation without properly exiting the application or changing their readiness state.
  • Voice supervision enhancement
    • Supervisors can begin silent monitoring or coaching of calls already in progress. This capability allows supervisors to assist agents that need immediate help with an in-progress customer interaction.
  • Knowledge Center 8.5.2 enhancements
    • Federated search — An option to deliver answers from multiple knowledge bases using a single search query
    • Enable agents to add comments to content — Agents have the option to add comments to documents and FAQs. The comments may be viewed by the Knowledge Administrator.
    • Agent flagging content as favorite — Agents may tag documents and FAQs as a favorite for easy future retrieval
    • My Document view — A new tab to view the specific documents and FAQs that the agent authored
  • Last agent routing support
    • Workspace can be configured to record the last agent who communicated with the customer. This capability ensures that future interactions can be routed to the same agent to maintain the continuity of the conversation.
  • Security improvement
    • Inactivity timeout. You can now configure Workspace to automatically logout the agent after a period of inactivity.

Web Services API

  • SAML authentication now supports the CfgPerson External User ID field.
  • SAML requests now support a token as the RelayState instead of URLs.
  • Ability to update the contact attribute with last routed agent information in Universal Contact Server (UCS).
  • Support updates to contact history for Open Media and workitems.
  • Chat API now supports sending and receiving custom notice types.

CRM Gplus Adapters

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

  • Voicemail support
    • The adapter now provides access to voicemail boxes - both personal and group/shared mailboxes.
    • The number of unread voicemail messages are displayed as a red number.
    • The total number of voicemail messages are displayed in parentheses.
    • Agents can call their voicemail boxes directly.
  • The adapter now includes a new deployment option for embedding Workspace Web Edition in Gplus Adapter for Salesforce. The deployment option provides Salesforce integration for screen pop, click-to-dial, and activity tracking, along with support for the following Workspace Web Edition features:
    • Inbound Voice
    • Outbound Voice - Preview
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Supervisor features
    • Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

Agents are no longer able to mark as Done interactions that are in Workbins without first specifying a disposition if dispositions are configured to be mandatory. (HTCC-16891)

Web Services API

When an agent requests two chat consultations to a skill or an agent group in rapid succession, the first agent who accepts one of the consultations is not stuck in a non-routable state. (HTCC-18629)

Web Services now correctly identifies monitoring modes with a new attribute on the Call resource called supervisorMonitoringState. Previously, Web Services didn't always correctly identify monitoring modes, particularly for Coach and Barge In. (HTCC-17837)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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