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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
03/24/17 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

Genesys Softphone integration enhancement:

  • Agents can now sign in to Genesys Softphone with their Workspace credentials and use it as their SIP endpoint. This feature also automatically registers the endpoint with SIP Server, thereby removing the need to manually configure the Softphone on individual agent workstations. Softphone 8.5.300.04 is required to enable the feature.
  • Agents can now control their Softphone microphone and speaker mute function from Workspace. Softphone 8.5.300.04 is required to enable the feature.

Case Information enhancement:

  • You can now have the application target a specific browser window when the case information contains certain URL/Hyperlink. This capability reduces the number of browser windows, which clutter the screen real-estate, that are opened in a session.

Standard Response enhancement:

  • You can now insert pre-defined text into outgoing email interactions by using a Standard Response configured to contain custom field codes.

Browser support:

Other enhancements:

  • If a business attribute value is defined in InteractionAttributes Business Attribute for a workbin column name, then the display name of this business attribute value is used. Otherwise, the workbin column name is used.
  • The voice.hold-active-call-on-make-call option has been added to control the display of the call button in Team Communicator when an active call is put on hold on an OXE mono-line. If the value is set to false, the make call option is not available while calls are on hold.

Web Services API

  • Requests for configuration objects can optionally return the path of the object, and the Database ID (DBID) of the parent folder.
  • Streamlined login for an agent to a third-party switch without requiring log in from a physical phone.
  • Custom properties can now be used in the Standard Response Library down to the agent level.
  • The underscore character ("_") is now recognized as a tokenizer in Contacts API for agent, agent group, virtual agent group, interaction queue, routing point, and skill search.

CRM Gplus Adapters

  • Browser support
  • Gplus Adapter for Salesforce
    • When an outbound call is being established or is queued waiting to connect, agents have access to the dialpad. Previously, the dialpad was hidden.
    • When a voice call is put on hold, the Adapter starts counting the hold duration in the timer located in upper-right corner, and resets the timer when the call is retrieved from hold. You can enable or disable this feature with the privilege.voice.can-show-hold-duration configuration option.
    • When selecting a voicemail in the Adapter main menu, the main menu now collapses. Previously, the main menu stayed open.
    • The Adapter now allows agents to change their password. You can enable or disable this feature with the privilege.password.can-change configuration option.
    • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce console:
      • Genesys Interaction Recording Screen Recording is now supported when agents use the embedded agent desktop voice channel.
      • When sending a new outbound email, the embedded agent desktop creates a Salesforce contact activity history after the agent clicks Send.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

In environments where agents are set up to handle only workitem interactions, agent can now answer ringing interactions. Previously, you had to enable the "api-ucs-voice" feature in the Web Services and Applications API for this capability. (HTCC-26526)

Agents can no longer log in on more than one Place at a time. An error message is now displayed if an agent attempts to log in to another Place from another browser or workstation. Previously, agents could log in simultaneously to two different Places. (HTCC-26444)

The underscore character ("_") is now recognized as a tokenizer in Team Communicator searches for agents, interaction queue, routing point and skill targets. Previously the text after this character wasn't searchable directly, and you had to set also the first part. For example, to search for the "My_Routing" routing point, the agent had to enter "My_" or "My_R", if only "Rout" was used, the routing point was not found. (HTCC-11594)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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