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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/10/16 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

  • Interaction history enhancements
    • Display of custom interaction attribute(s) in the Interaction History. Previously, only standard interaction attributes, such as status, subject, start date, and end date could be displayed in the Interaction History table. It is now possible for system administrators to configure additional custom interaction attributes to be displayed. This capability allows agents to have more detailed information prior to selecting an interaction on which to focus, leading to improved efficiency.
    • A note is automatically created in the Interaction History when a voice call is transferred to, or conferenced with, another agent.
  • Web Chat enhancement
    • Push web page URL to a contact. This feature allows agents to select and open a publicly accessible company web page on the customer's browser. This capability allows agents to transition a customer from assisted- to self-service during a chat interaction.
  • Case information enhancement
    • Administrators can configure case information fields so that they are required to be filled in by the agent when the agent marks the interaction as done. This capability allows your business to capture critical business data for further analysis.
  • Outbound Campaign enhancement
    • Support for Predictive and Progressive ASM (Active Switching Matrix) mode. ASM enhances the capability of Outbound Campaign Predictive and Progressive modes by reserving the agent before the call is connected. This mode allows the agent to be connected with the customer as soon as the customer answers the call.
  • Knowledge Center 8.5.2 enhancements
    • Agents are now informed if certain knowledge articles are new or recently modified.
    • Corrected search result. Agents might incorrectly spell certain word(s) when searching for knowledge articles. When this happens, the application returns results based upon the corrected spelling of those words.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
    • User feedback. Agents now have the capability to provide feedback when they encounter a problem with the application. The application automatically submits the browser log for further processing.
    • Automated feedback. Occasionally the application might experience disconnection from the backend servers. If this occurs, a browser log is automatically collected. Agents are asked if they want to submit the collected information when application re-establishes connection.
    • Application rebranding support. You can now configure the application to display a custom company logo instead of the default Genesys branding.

Web Services API

  • Web Services API Server now supports Java 8.
  • Muting and unmuting a participant in a conference is now supported in the Web Services API.
  • Shared Workbin support has been added to the eServices API. Agent groups and place groups can subscribe, unsubscribe, add, and remove content for shared workbins.
  • Replys from email history is now supported in eServices API.

CRM Gplus Adapters

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

  • The Adapter can now be configured to associate voice interactions with Genesys Universal Contact Server (UCS) contacts and create entries in the contact history with disposition and notes.
  • Users can now create a new Genesys UCS contact in the Adapter.
  • In Salesforce console mode, the Adapter can be popped out to open in a separate browser window.
  • In Salesforce console mode, when the Adapter window is minimized and there is a Genesys server disconnect, the Adapter attempts to reconnect within 90 seconds. If the connection is not restored, the window is maximized and a message is displayed to ask users to refresh their browser windows.
  • The Adapter now shows agent name instead of extension in the call detail view.
  • For chat interactions, the Salesforce object type can be saved in Genesys attached data when chat is marked as done.
  • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded Agent Desktop in Salesforce Console:
    • In Workspace Web Edition mode, when the Adapter window is minimized and there is a Genesys server disconnect, the Adapter attempts to reconnect within 90 seconds. If the connection is not restored, the window is maximized and a message is displayed to ask users to refresh their browser windows.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

When a supervisor switches from monitoring to coaching of a chat interaction, the supervisor can see the chat transcript in the coaching view. Previously, this chat transcript was empty. (HTCC-22029)

When a supervisor switches from monitoring or coaching to barge-in, both the Note and Disposition tabs are now displayed and currently fully accessible. Previously, when the supervisor selected the Note tab, it was no longer possible to show the Disposition tab. (HTCC-21984)

The My Team Workbin now shows all supervised agents with their associated workbins. Previously, the list of agents could be empty and was limited to 10 agents only. (HTCC-21688)

The Team Communicator now finds all agents correctly. Previously, if an agent who was part of the search results was using the Facebook channel, Team Communicator did not display any results. (HTCC-21226)

The folders in the list of Standard Responses in the Responses tab are now displayed correctly. Previously, the same folders were displayed multiple times in the list. (HTCC-21195)

When the Contact Directory is displayed in List mode, email addresses in the drop-down list are no longer truncated on the right side by the Details pane. (HTCC-21183)

Workspace now keeps an agent logged in if the agent restarts his or her browser after logging in. Previously, restarting the browser caused an agent to be logged out. (HTCC-21140)

When Workspace is pinned to the Windows taskbar, it no longer becomes disconnected when an Interaction notification or Outbound campaign notification is displayed. (HTCC-21124)

When an Agent selects a Voice interaction in the My History view, the title "Workspace" is no longer corrupted in the Workspace application bar. Previously, some information from the the selected interaction was displayed next to the company logo instead of the application name. (HTCC-20956)

If Voice channel login fails but other media channel logins succeed, the session is now correctly cleaned up and the agent's Place is now freed to be used by other agents. (HTCC-20618)

In the My Agents tab of Team Leads/Supervisors, the In Call and After Call Work filters are now shown only for the Voice channel. Previously, these filters were shown for the Chat and Email channels but did not apply to those channels. (HTCC-19547)

The list of standard responses in the Responses view is no longer empty or incomplete after server startup. (HTCC-11109)

Web Services API

Previously, when users used a unique referrer for each login, they couldn't re-login to GWS for 30 minutes after an abnormal session termination. This no longer occurs. (HTCC-21924)

For requests that support pagination, the maximum number of returned items is now 100. Previously, the maximum allowed value for the limit query parameter was 500. If the limit parameter is not specified, the query uses 10 as the default limit.(HTCC-21211)

You can now use the offset and limit request parameters when paginating the Statistics API query results. (HTCC-21212)

CRM Gplus Adapters

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

The Adapter now displays statistic names and associated values on the same line regardless of the name length.(HTCC-21202).

If an agent chooses a top-level disposition code for a voice call in the Adapter, the disposition is now displayed in the interaction history in Workspace Web Edition.(HTCC-21588)

When a supervisor monitors a call, an activity is no longer created in Salesforce.(HTCC-21233)

Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded Agent Desktop in Salesforce Console:

  • When UCS is enabled, the Adapter will now carry over the notes to the Salesforce activity once the call is marked done. (HTCC-21945)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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