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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
09/15/17 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

  • Outbound Campaign enhancement
    • Push Preview mode support – Unlike pull preview which requires agents to manually request for next record, push preview mode leverages a routing strategy to deliver calling records to agents. This allows agents who are part of an outbound call campaign to be fully blended along with other media channels for better agent utilization.
  • Email enhancement
    • Default font type and size – You can now configure Workspace to apply default font type and size when agents initiate or reply to an email.
  • Team Communicator enhancement
    • Target agent group availability – You can now configure Workspace to display the number of available agents within an agent group when an agent needs to select an agent group as the target of transfer, conference, or consultation actions. This capability is limited to voice only.
  • Genesys Softphone integration enhancement
    • Support of Dual Registration with the Softphone – This capability enables Workspace to transmit addresses of SBCs to the Softphone, allowing dual registration. Requires Genesys Softphone 8.5.400.08 or higher.
    • Support for SRV-based name resolution for Genesys Softphone. Requires Genesys Softphone 8.5.400.08 or higher.
  • Browser support
    • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 operating system. Note: The Screen Recording with Genesys Interaction Recording and Genesys Softphone feature is not currently supported.

CRM Gplus Adapters

  • The Adapter supports Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Note: Genesys Interaction Recording feature is not currently supported.
  • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce Console supports the following:
    • Mapping Genesys case or user data to the Salesforce Activity custom fields.
    • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Note: Genesys Interaction Recording and Single Sign-On features are not currently supported.
  • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce Lightning Experience supports the following:
    • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
    • Associating Voice interactions with Genesys Universal Contact Server (UCS) contacts and creating entries in the interaction history with disposition and notes.
    • Mapping Genesys case or user data to Salesforce Activity custom fields.
    • Genesys Web Chat
      • Associating Web Chat interactions with UCS where the interaction history is provided with disposition and notes.
      • Screen Pop:
        • Displaying screen pop for Chat Invitation and Chat Acceptance.
        • Passing data field as a search expression.
        • Passing transfer object key for screen pop on transfers.
      • Activity Tracking:
        • Logging the Salesforce Activity for each chat upon mark done.
        • Logging the Salesforce Activity for chat transfer, conference, and consultation activities.
        • Specifying the format and data fields saved in the subject field of the Salesforce Activity by using custom templates.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

Agents, when they look at the contact history, can no longer see that a call was silently monitored by a supervisor. (HTCC-28024)

Agents can now change their state from either the My Channels tab or the Global State menu when there are issues in the environment. Previously, some states were missing from these areas. (HTCC-27931)

Workspace Team Communicator no longer incorrectly reports missed calls in the list of Recent calls after the list of target types is updated. (HTCC-27914)

Workspace now takes into account HTML standard responses in all cases. Previously, sometimes Workspace used the plain text part of the response instead of the HTML, causing the response to not display as expected. (HTCC-27743)

Workspace now handles Facebook private messages. Previously, beginning with release, this functionality was not available. (HTCC-26731)

Web Services API

The PullWorkitem and AddWorkitem operations in the Workitem API now work in environments that don't have Universal Contact Server. Previously, Web Services would return a "No ContactServers configured" error. (HTCC-27946)

CRM Gplus Adapters

Intermittent failure to load the Adapter no longer occurs after a user logged in. Previously, after a user logged in, the Adapter sometimes continually loaded and the loading spinner did not disappear. (HTCC-23474)

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

  • Adapter no longer displays the Consultation section when an agent completes consultation in a call. Previously, when option was set to true, the Consultation section with no call controls was displayed. (HTCC-28144)
  • Genesys Screen Recording now correctly records the call when there is a change of agent login in the adapter regardless of the first agent’s logout from Salesforce. Previously, calls were not recorded if an agent logged out only from the adapter and not from Salesforce, and another agent logged into the adapter through a different Salesforce login. (HTCC-27917)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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