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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
01/27/17 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition

intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) custom media support

  • iWD UI framework allows custom media types such as faxes, scanned documents, and tasks to be routed to agents for processing. Included capabilities are:
    • Media logon/logoff and readiness state control
    • Interaction preview with accept and decline
    • Transfer, save to personal workbin, and mark done
    • Workitem stored in contact’s interaction history

Contact interaction history enhancements

  • Agents can now open “In Progress” emails and workitems from the contact interaction history. This capability allows agents to respond in real-time to queued, outstanding customer inquiries.
  • Ability for agents to mark done interactions that do not require a response.

Team Communicator enhancements

Login enhancements

  • Agents can now login to Workspace if at least one media is available. Previously, if one of the assigned media channels was not available, agents could not login.
  • Workspace now remembers the most recently used Place and suggests it to the agent at the next login. Previously, agents had to fill in the Place for every session login.
  • It is now possible to configure Workspace to not show English as a language choice on the login screen.

Other enhancements

  • Support for Alcatel A4400/Omni PCX Enterprise in emulated mode for all standard call flows.
  • Embedded web applications within Workspace Web can be configured to refresh automatically if attached data used for the screen-pop is changed.
  • When a voice consultation is started from a multimedia interaction, such as chat or email, the notes recorded for the multimedia interaction are now correctly added to the notes for the voice consultation.
  • To improve troubleshooting, Workspace now has better browser logs to identify dialed numbers that don't match the value specified by the option.
  • Workspace now displays an improved error message if a default place is set for an agent, but the agent specifies a different place during login in environments where agents cannot change their place.
  • When the list of statistics is refreshed in Contact Center Statistics, Workspace now correctly scrolls the list to display the objects that were being displayed before the refresh. Previously, when the list of statistics was refreshed, Workspace scrolled to the top of the list

Web Services API

  • The Web Services and Applications installation package is now provided as an RPM. Previously, the installation package was a tarball.
  • Passwords can now be encrypted in the configuration file.
  • Cassandra authentication is now supported. Login credentials can be specified in configuration.
  • Interaction Server UserEvents support.
  • Interaction Server N+1 high availability architecture support.

CRM Gplus Adapters

  • Gplus Adapter for Salesforce
    • In a Salesforce activity task, the Adapter now sets the Call Type field to Inbound for all completed chat interactions.
    • Workspace Web Edition deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce console:
      • In a Salesforce activity task, the embedded agent desktop now sets Call Type field to Inbound for incoming email interactions, and to Outbound for outgoing emails including replies.
      • In a Salesforce activity task, the embedded agent desktop sets the Call Type field to Inbound for all completed chat interactions.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace Web Edition

For the Service Client API, the operationName attribute of events related to the Do Not Disturb state is now set to DoNotDistubOn instead of the previous state. (HTCC-26136)

Workspace now supports global and individual media state management through the My Agents tab for multimedia-only agents. (HTCC-25909)

Workspace no longer plays a tone when a chat interaction is selected in the History tab. (HTCC-25771)

Agents can now see the details of selected interactions in the Contact History and My History views for all pages in the search results. Previously, details were available only for results displayed on the first page of these views. (HTCC-25701)

The Contact History details area is now correctly displayed by default. Previously, agents had to click the View Details button to view this area. (HTCC-25632)

When marking a call or a chat done without selecting a disposition if dispositions are mandatory, the warning message displayed is now in the format: "You must select a '<Business Attribute Display Name>' before closing", where '<Business Attribute Display Name>' is the configured business attribute display name. (HTCC-25595)

The Assign button is now displayed in the Contact Information tab of an interaction if an agent has the Contact Assignment privilege specified, but not the Save Contact privilege. (HTCC-25570)

Browser zoom is now correctly supported. Previously, a warning message was displayed if the browser zoom wasn't set to 100%. Other display issues could also occur. (HTCC-25148)

Agents can now launch a new session of Workspace immediately after closing the previous one. Previously in this scenario, the new session wasn't fully initialized resulting in unexpected behavior. (HTCC-24943)

CRM Gplus Adapters

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

  • The Reports page is now hidden by default. However, this page can be shown by setting the Workspace Web Edition privilege.dashboard.can-use option to true. (HTCC-26105)
  • Salesforce activities are now created correctly when the Adapter is open in multiple tabs. Previously, in rare circumstances, Salesforce activity creation failed if an agent had Salesforce open in multiple browser tabs. (HTCC-25179)

Upgrade Notes

This release introduces the Web Services and Applications Migration Guide. In this guide, you will find the procedures to upgrade your deployment to the latest release.

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