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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
07/14/17 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Workspace Web Edition and Gplus Adapter for Salesforce introduce the new Genesys branding in the user interface.

Workspace Web Edition

  • Use the new voice.cancel-after-call-work-on-business-call option to specify if the After Call Work status of the voice channel should be canceled when the agents switches from After Call Work to Ready or Not Ready during a business call. This option is specific to SIP Server environments.
  • For environments that use SIP Server, use the new voice.auto-answer.is-enabled-on-already-in-call option to specify whether a voice call is automatically answered if there is already an active call. This option applies only when the value of the voice.auto-answer option is true. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy.
  • For the Service Client API, the PARTY_CHANGED event has been added, just after the ADDED event for the targeted agent after a call transfer is completed.
  • You can now configure interaction history filter to specify which media type shall be visible to the agent.
  • If you have a DN configured, Workspace now passes authentication information to the Softphone so it can securely log in to SIP Server.

Web Services API

  • The AfterCallWork operation has been extended with the optional WrapUpTime parameter. This parameter is passed to T-Server extensions to change or cancel agent wrap-up time.
  • Web Services and Applications is publishing a formal blueprint for multi-data center deployments. New deployments across multiple data centers must follow this blueprint for best supportability, and existing deployments across multiple data centers should be reviewed to see if they are consistent with the blueprint.

CRM Gplus Adapters

  • Gplus Adapter for Salesforce
    • The Statistics button can now be configured to show in the Adapter footer. This feature allows direct access to Call Center Statistics.
    • The default view on the Adapter can now be configured to show either the phone dial pad or the Contact Center Statistics view.
    • Workspace Web Edition is deployed as an embedded agent desktop in Salesforce Lightning Experience (currently available for Voice only) and supports the following:
      • Setting up the adapter with Salesforce Lightning Experience
      • Outbound click-to-dial on any Salesforce Phone field
      • Screen Pop:
        • Screenpop for Ringing and Established Event
        • Ability to turn on/off ANI as a search key
        • Ability to pass data field as a search expression
        • Passing transfer object key for screenpop on transfers
      • Activity Tracking:
        • Logging the Salesforce Activity History for each voice call upon mark done
        • Specifying what the adapter saves in the subject field of the Salesforce activity by using custom templates
      • Free Seating:
        • Free seating when the following are configured as true: login.prompt-place, login.voice.prompt-dn-less-phone-number
        • Login with queue when login.voice.prompt.queue is true
        • A list of queues to choose from when login.voice.list-available-queues is configured

    Resolved Issues

    This release contains the following resolved issues:

    Workspace Web Edition

    Quote Tweets can now be sent in Agent Desktop. Previously, doing so caused Agent Desktop to be stuck (HTCC-27720)

    For agents who have both Voice and Instant Messaging channels assigned to their DN, the label for the channel in the My Channels tab is now "voice, instant messaging" instead of "instant messaging". (HTCC-27680)

    The "Cancel the invitation" hyperlink is no longer displayed to the target agent during a single-step conference if this agent was previously engaged in a chat consultation. (HTCC-27637)

    Agent Desktop no longer allows agents to sent empty Tweets. Previously, doing so caused Agent Desktop to be stuck (HTCC-27583)

    In free seating environments, if an agent selects a Place that is already in use, Workspace no longer invalidates the agent session. Previously, the session was invalidated, and in some cases the session of the agent using the Place was also affected. (HTCC-27532)

    Workspace now correctly aligns text in columns with column heads. (HTCC-27317)

    Web Services API

    When a chat consult between agents has finished, and the originating agent transfers to the consulting agent (or queue), Web Services now correctly sends the messageType and treatAs parameters to the client. (HTCC-27658)

    Web Services now returns a 403 status code for the StartContactCenterSession operation if the application cannot read the place from Cassandra. Previously, a 500 status code was returned. (HTCC-27395)

    Upgrade Notes

    No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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